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The Football Desktop Game is a great promotional item for any event. The Desktop Football game is fully customizable and can be printed for any event, nicluding non-sport events. This game includes a catapult and target, all you need is a bottle cap. The game arrives flat and is easily assembled in minutes.

Perfect for professional or college sports teams, events and companies looking for a unique promo!

Size:H11.7” x W8.3” (A4)
Material:Polypropylene 0.5mm

※Shipping spec: 200 pieces per box
Weight per box appx 33lbs(15kg)

Packing instructions may change without prior warning. CleaRush Prints will do their best to notify clients in advance of any changes in packing/ packaging.

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Desk Top Football Game

  • Desk Top Football Game
  • Desk Top Football Game
  • Desk Top Football Game

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