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Plastic Folder

The original Beautiful, Useful and Durable
document holder!

Plastic Folders are fully customizable folders designed to hold documents securely and with style. Made from durable plastic, these document sleeves last longer than paper files, and feature higher image quality
than most document holders on the market today.
Our Plastic Folders are available in US letter or A4 size, making them perfect anywhere in the world.
Also available in Double Pocket and Tab File versions!

Our files make great souvenirs,
promotional tools and premium incentives.

Pefect for home, school, or office use, Plastic Folders allow you to see inside a folder witout opening it, keeping your documents safe, secure and organized!


Organize and protect your documents, perfect for branding your company, proposal, or presentation. Look sharp and keep your papers looking good too!

Long lasting, inexpensive and beautiful, our fully customizable Plastic Folders make great gifts and souviners.


Customized files make a great and inexpensive souvenir!
See how great your venue, store or event can look with our high quality offsetprinted plastics!

Plastic Folders make great handout or sales leave-behinds, these long-lasting, useful folders are a great way to get people to remember your product or service

Promotional Tools

Nothing makes your brand look as good as our high-quality files! Makes a beautiful, useful and durable leave-behind or free gift, making sure your brand will stick around for a long time!

Material:Polypropylene 0.2mm

※Shipping spec:500 pieces per carton. 2 cartons per box.
Weight per carton approx. 30.9lbs. (14kg)

Weight per box approx 61.7 lbs. (28kg)

Packing instructions may change without prior warning.
CleaRush Prints will do our best to notify clients in advance of delivery of any changes in packing/ packaging.

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A sample of some of our custom Plastic Folder designs

  • A sample of some of our custom Plastic Folder designs
  • A sample of some of our custom Plastic Folder designs
  • A sample of some of our custom Plastic Folder designs
  • A sample of some of our custom Plastic Folder designs.Actual Orders.

Why Plastic Folders are Better:

Plastic Folders are made from durable plastic, and help to protect your important documents from rain and water

Water resistant

Our files get wet and still keep your documents dry!

Plastic Folders are made from durable pastic, and won't rip or tear like paper folders


Our files can take a beating,so your documents won’t have to!

Plastic Folders are made from durable, transparent plastic and can  be printed opaque or clear. This makes it easy to see inside the folders, or to obscure contents.


We can print as transparent or opaque as you like, making documents easier or harder to see!

We Make Custom Plastic Folders!