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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does CleaRush actually do?
A1: We’re a custom printer specializing in plastics. We’ll print your custom design on one of our original products, which can then be used for a souvenir, a free gift or incentive, a sales leave-behind or other promotional tool. Our products also make great items for gift shops and stores. Everything we print is on high quality plastic, making our products very durable and long-lasting.
Q2: Where are your products manufactured?
A2: All of our products are produced at our parent company’s factory in Nagoya, Japan.
Q3: How are your products printed?
A3: We use offset printing for all of our products offered in the US.
Q4: What is the turnaround time?
A4: Once data has been decided, between two and three weeks, depending on product and time of year.
Q5: What about data submission?
A5: When submitting data, we request that all images submitted are at 350dpi. Anything lower will look “fuzzy” when printed, and higher dpi photos usually aren’t necessary for printing. Please also double check the physical size of your file. A 2” x 2”digital photograph, even at 350dpi, can’t be blown up to five times the original size and still look good. If you decide to move forward with sampling or production, we’ll work with you to make sure that the images we receive will turn out beautifully.

Data can be submitted in the following formats: AI, JPG, PDF, EPS, PSD.

If you have a design team or an outside designer, we can also send you a template to create your own design.

We typically use either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to get data ready for printing.

If you color-matching to a pantone color, for example, is required, we request you send us a sample of the color chip we need to match.

Need more detailed guidelines? Click here.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@clearush.com

Q6: Do you print on paper?
A6: No. We only print on plastics.
Q7: Do you have stock designs?
A7: Not at this time. All of our products are designed to each clients’ individual specifications.
Q8: Do you sell “blank” products?
A8: No. All of our products are custom printed, then fabricated.
Q9: I only want a few items. What are your minimums?
A9: Orders typically starts from 1000 pieces, though we can do fewer if need be.
Q10: Where can I buy your products?
A10: All of our products are custom jobs, so the location varies, and no two places will have the same design. Get in touch and we’ll try and point you in the right direction.
Q11: Do you have an online store?
A11: No, but if you’re interested in a product, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to send you a quote.
Q12: You seem to really like your products. If you were stuck on a deserted island, which product would be most useful?
A12: The CleaRush Jet. You could use it to signal a passing plane or ship, or even use it to transport yourself off the island, assuming you could get the weight ratios right, and had a few thousand to lash together into a raft.
Q13: Do you charge set up fees?
A13: In general, no. Get in touch for a quote- the quote will include all set up fees and shipping costs, based on shipping to the United States.
Q14: I don’t use plastic, and I think plastic products are irresponsible. Why do you insist on using so much plastic?
A14: One of the great benefits of plastic is that it lasts longer than paper. Our plastic products, especially our Clear Files, last much longer than similar paper products, like paper files. In that sense, our products allow you to reduce consumption, and reuse the same product for years. We are also trying to convince clients to use some of our green materials, like biodegradable plastics and plastics made from recycled material. It’s one small way we’re trying to be as “green” as we can. Our printing facility in Japan is also committed to being as easy on the environment as possible, always looking to upgrade inks and production methods.