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Frequently Asked Questions

Q15: What are your files and other products made out of?
A15: We use durable polypropylene for most of our products, though we also make use of other materials, including PET, as well as recycled plastics and biodegradable plastics. If you have specific material needs, please let us know.
Q16: Does it cost extra for each color?
A16: No, all products are printed using the four color process on offset presses. These four colors in combination can produce just about any color imaginable.
Q17: Can you recycle polypropylene?
A17: We’re still working on this one- printing makes it difficult to recycle our material, and we’re currently investigating ways to recycle the product in the US. In our factory in Japan, even though printed polypropylene products can’t be recycled, they are used for other purposes, for example producing fuel, making sure that even factory waste doesn’t go completely to waste. Please check back for updates on this topic.
Q18: I don’t use plastic, and I think your products are environmentally irresponsible.
A18: We also have biodegradable plastics, and plastics made from recycled material in our arsenal. It’s one small way we’re trying to be a green as we can. Additionally, our plastic products, especially our Clear Files, last much longer than paper files. In that sense, our products allow you to reduce consumption, and use the same product for years. Our printing facility in Japan is also committed to being as easy on the environment as possible, always looking to upgrade inks and production methods to improve.
Q19: Can I use your files as a hat, or other type of clothing?
A19: Our files are waterproof, so might help keep the rain off, but we don’t recommend using our products for anything other than their intended use- mostly to store documents really, really well. We also don’t recommend giving them to children unsupervised.
Q20: Is there anything your files can’t do?/ Any words of caution?
A20: Storing documents printed with oil based ink that have no properly dried can cause the product to curl. We call this the “Banana Effect.” Most commercial copiers don’t use oil-based ink, but a lot of newspapers do. We don’t recommend using our files to store old copies of the Los Angeles Times, for example.