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Data Submission Guidelines

1.Photoshop or Illustrator Preferred

For submitting finished data, Adobe Photoshop (up to version CS6) and Adobe Illustrator (up to version CS6) are our preferred applications. We do not support InDesign or Quark Express. If you use programs other than Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, please get in touch at info@clearush.com

2.Make sure Text is saved as outline data

Please make sure that all text has been converted into outline data before submission. Text that has not been converted to outline data can change if you are using fonts different from what we have installed on our computers. If you are unable to save your text as outline data, please get in touch. 

3.Make sure to attach all linked artwork

When sending through a design, make sure that all linked images are attached to your submission. If you are using .psd files, please make sure to attach those files as well.

4.Make sure to attach all embedded artwork

Whether you are using embedded artwork or linked artwork in illustrator, please make sure to send all image files along with the .ai data in the same folder. We may need to make adjustments to color or other aspects of the file to make the data print-ready, or to match your colors. 

5.Please don’t down-save

Please make sure not to down-save your files. If you have questions as to compatibility with your version of Illustrator or Photoshop, please get in touch.

6.When Using Illustrator version 9 or later, keep the following points in mind:

-Make sure all artwork is embedded (and please send these files along with the .ai file)
-Make sure that rasterization setting for text are at 350dpi or higher
-Make sure to save all data   in the .ai format *not* the .eps format. When using larger images, .eps files can negatively affect the prepress data creation process.

7.Use photos at 350-400dpi at actual size

Please make sure that all  images used, or sent to us, are 350-400 dpi at the actual size you need them printed. Shrinking bigger files to fit makes the files heavy and difficult to process. Blowing up smaller photos makes them look grainy. Please make sure the size of the files is the size of the actual image you would like printed. A small image (2”x 2”) even at high quality (350 dpi) can’t be blown up to cover an entire file.

8.Please keep files names short

Our pre-press department deals with a lot of data, and shorter file names make keeping it organized much easier. Short file names which can be read at a glance decrease the chance that your data could be mistaken for something else. We suggest a file name of 15 characters or less.

9.Don’t send extra information

Please don’t send more information than you need to. Submitting extra files, images or other extraneous files can complicate the pre-press process, and delay printing. If you aren’t sure what you should send, please get in touch.

10.Include a 3mm Bleed

Just in case something goes wrong, please make sure to save a backup copy of your data. If something happens, we may need you to resend or resubmit the design. 

11.Make sure that you save a backup of your data on your PC

Please make sure not to down-save your files. If you have questions as to compatibility with your version of Illustrator or Photoshop, please get in touch.

If you have specific questions about how to process your data, your question is not answered above, or you’re just looking for clarification, please email us at info@clearush.com. We’re always happy to help!